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Data Scientist & Mathematician

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25 years experienced mathematician, involved in Data science and AI space since 1998. Computational Intelligence University of Tokyo.Using steady states to predict the probility of event resurgence.


  • Time series prediction.
  • DNA chain mutation prediction.
  • Financial markets collapse.
  • Material resilience measurement.

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Availability: Available in 120 days

Position: Lead, Project Manager, Advisor

My main research interest is to attimpt turbulence analysis in mathematics, in particular, laminar-turbulence transition by using elementary differential geometry. This topic is related to ``pulsatile flow" and ``vortex breakdown" in physics.

Recently, some researchers made breakthrough in the incompressible Euler study field. They analyzed hyperbolic flow configurations with characteristic curve observation, and solved several open problems in the Euler study field. The most important recent works must be Bourgain-Li (2014, Inventione Math.) and Kiselev-Sverak (2014, Annals of Math.). I do also analysis of such hyperbolic flow configurations. This topic is related to ``vortex-thinning" in 2D turbulence.

06/2016 to 04/2017 Physicist researcher for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) at BCN AEROPRAXIS

Project Term: 01/2016 - 04/2017

Industry: Aeronautical & Satellite equipment services, Geographical Information Systems, Augmented Reality Vision

Role: Research advisor development


Project 1

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Project 1

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