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Data Scientist & Statisitician

€690 Per day
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Cédric researches uses mathematical models to uncover the complex mechanisms generating economical dynamics. Cédric research use mathematical and economic models to evaluate the costs and benefits of growth strategies by evaluating competing mathematical models of the transmission dynamics for economic markets up and down.


  • Investigate the stick number of knots, which is the least number of sticks glued end-to-end to make a given knot. Still unknown for two twisted strands. Can also consider lattice stick knots, where all sticks are parallel to the x,y,z axis.
  • Determine how many knots must exist in a given graph, no matter how that graph is placed in space.

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Availability: none

Position: Team Member, Researcher

My main research interest is on the representation of notions and concepts from statistics and probability in an algebraic and geometric framework of which to exploit the computational power and from which to derive tools to drive theory and help applications. Most of this research goes under the name of Algebraic Statistics, which at the moment is a very dynamic field and hard to define. To get an idea look up “Algebraic statistics” on google.

Machine Learning, Extreme value theory, Mixture models, Markov chains Monte-Carlo methods, Bayesian model averaging, Statistical hydrology.

Advanced Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Compiler Construction, Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Communication and Information Theory, Computational Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Data Structures and Algorithms, Probability and Statistics.

Programming language: Python (Pytorch, Tensorflow, Numpy, Scipy, PySpark), R(Stan), SPSS, C, SAS, Minitab, MATLAB, SQL, Hadoop/RHIPE...
Big Data Technologies: Azure, AWS
Versioning: Git, SVN.
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, DOS


Project Term: 01/2015 - 04/2020

Industry: Space

Role: Research Assistant

Hypervelocity meteor impacts and their effects on Earth. This utilised independent research skills, reading demanding texts, computer programming, problem solving and math skills. Setting objectives and deadlines was necessary due to time constraints. My project findings were defended during a presentation in a research conference style talk. Some of our findings were deemed appropriate for publication in an academic paper.


ESO XP49 Projeckt

I was the team leader with four colleagues. We hosted a discussion at the University of Kent for A-level students and teachers to give their views on ideas for refreshing physics. This required a 30 minute presentation of complex information in a clear and concise manner. This gave me valuable experience in group presentation techniques, and to manage my time effectively. I learnt to work as part of a team, communicate ideas and difficult concepts effectively, write a report and to work to deadlines.


Project 2

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7 Years working with multicultral and international teams making
the most advanced projects in AI field solve real life problems.
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