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Data Scientist & Linguist

€680 Per day
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Lab work was part of each year’s modules and gave me the experience of work with others in my degree group, learning hands on in many cases, natural language processing, dynamic ontologies, psychometry, intention mining, text mining. It teaches me how to carry out experiments with accuracy, analyse the results and draw conclusions.


  • Normalization of text in SMS messages using an SMT system.
  • Developed autonomous Bayesian text classifier for filtering spam.

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Availability: none

Position: Team Member, Researcher

My main research span a range of issues covering natural language understanding, discourse, knowledge representation, common-sense reasoning and planning. I am particularly interested in the overlap between natural language understanding and reasoning.

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Web Mining, Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Natural Language understanding, Foundations of Cognition, Research Project in AI, Lexical Semantics of Space and Motion, Information-theoretical models of language and cognition, Designing casual learning software for iPhones.

Advanced Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Compiler Construction, Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Communication and Information Theory, Computational Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Computer Hardware Design, Discrete Computational Structures, Theory of Computation, Data Structures and Algorithms, Probability and Statistics.

Programming language: C, C++, Perl, Java, C#, MATLAB, Lisp, SQL, MDX, Intel x86 assembly
Speech / NLP / AI Tools:HMM Toolkit (HTK), CMU Sphinx Automatic Speech Recognition System, Festival Speech Synthesis System, VoiceXML, Berkeley Aligner, Giza++, Moses Statistical Machine Translation Toolkit, Robot Operating System (ROS)
Other Tools: LATEX, LEX, YACC, Vim, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, TestNG Java Testing Platform, SVN
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, DOS


Project Term: 01/2015 - 04/2020

Industry: Space

Role: Research Assistant

Hypervelocity meteor impacts and their effects on Earth. This utilised independent research skills, reading demanding texts, computer programming, problem solving and math skills. Setting objectives and deadlines was necessary due to time constraints. My project findings were defended during a presentation in a research conference style talk. Some of our findings were deemed appropriate for publication in an academic paper.


ESO XP49 Projeckt

I was the team leader with four colleagues. We hosted a discussion at the University of Kent for A-level students and teachers to give their views on ideas for refreshing physics. This required a 30 minute presentation of complex information in a clear and concise manner. This gave me valuable experience in group presentation techniques, and to manage my time effectively. I learnt to work as part of a team, communicate ideas and difficult concepts effectively, write a report and to work to deadlines.


Project 2

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7 Years working with multicultral and international teams making
the most advanced projects in AI field solve real life problems.
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