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Disrupting the HR industry

According to the authors of Deloitte’s “Global Human Capital Trends 2017” report, “HR industry finally embraced the Artificial Intelligence revolution.” From today, finding top talent will depend on recruiter’s ability to automate, reduce and even remove low-level talent acquisition and people management activities like resumes screening, candidate engagement and career development.

Connect with our team. Discover how HR professionals can automate their workflow to more effectively engage, screen, manage and assess candidates and employees with AI.

As a team of social and computer scientists, we have to be at the forefront of AI and social revolutions. To help the human community to get the best of this technologies, we decided to focus on the resolution of four main challenges:

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We are looking to partners with a leading business to validate our research hypothesis and test our algorithms.

Grab this opportunity to accelerate the digitalization of your business. Sponsor one of the challenges we are solving with our deep learning learning algorithms and data analysis to improve HR key activities like recruitment and talent retention.

We are interested by major companies looking to collaborate with startup and researchers to hack some of their most strategic business challenges and to build the right solutions.

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