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Data Engineer & Computer vision

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Machine learning and computer vision researcher with an established track record of building successful customer applications. Passionate about developing new solutions in domains such as image/video analysis, augmented reality (AR), finance, recommendation engines, and data mining.


  • Computer vision algorithms integration into imaging pipelines.
  • Large scale data segmentation processes automation.

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Availability: Available in 15 days

Position: Lead, Project Manager, Advisor

Experienced Physical Data Scientist with diverse industry experience in sensors and actuators, algorithm design for the telecommunications industry and defense, university education and research centers. Professional expertise includes design and measurement systems on prototypes, microelectronic, data analysis, artificial intelligence, software and hardware test and measurements.

Math, Statistic and optimization, Control system design and Analysis, Signal processing and communications, image processing and computer vision, nuclear Magnetic resonance, image processing, Test and measurement, Computational finance, mapping , GPS, GIS, Computational Biology, Code generation, Code verification, Application deployment, database connectivity and reporting, simulation graphics and visualization, Machine learning, Neural nets, Deep Learning, Swarm intelligence.

Deep learning with Theano as a compiler for mathematical expressions in Python that combines NumPy’s syntax with the speed of optimized native machine language. Composes mathematical expressions in a high-level description that mimics NumPy’s syntax and semantics, while being statically typed and functional (as opposed to imperative). These expressions allow Theano to provide symbolic differentiation. Before performing computation, Theano optimizes the choice of expressions, translates them into C++ (or CUDA for GPU), compiles them into dynamically loaded Python modules, all automatically. Common machine learning algorithms implemented with Theano are from 1.6× to 7.5× faster than competitive alternatives (including those implemented with C/C++, NumPy/SciPy and MATLAB) when compiled for the CPU and between 6.5× and 44× faster when compiled for the GPU.
All this technology is applied in GIS (Geografical Information Systems) with optimized augmented reality systems for image processing and navigation Systems.

06/2016 to 04/2017 Physicist researcher for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) at BCN AEROPRAXIS

Project Term: 01/2016 - 04/2017

Industry: Aeronautical & Satellite equipment services, Geographical Information Systems, Augmented Reality Vision

Role: Research advisor development


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+20 Years working with multicultral and international teams making
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