Augmenting Decision-Makers With AI

Braincities aims to provide context-aware recommendations to decision-makers

Decision Making Problems We Solve With AI:
I. Need for informed decisions when and where it counts
II. Humans Inability to quickly identify trends and patterns
III. Lack of business self-serviceability
IV. Data unreliability

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Core Components


Extracting meaningful stories from heterogeneous data sources and generate specialized knowledge-bases.


Secured Peer to Peer heterogeneous Data Sharing and Storage solution designed to prevent data forgery and data breaches.


An Apple store for crowd-curated AI.
A simple and secure way to apply bias-free AI algorithms on top of reliable data.

Universal Datawallet

We created the Datawallet in Order to make sure that BRAINCITIES dynamical knowledge-base technology applied to individuals would not threaten people data privacy while strengthening data protection.

The Datawallet combines both evolving individualized knowledge-base, military-grade encryption algorithm, and zero knowledge proof protocol.

Data owners control who gets access to their data, learn what their data says about them, and get rewarded with accurate and reliable digital services and contextualized recommendations.

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Deploying + computation nodes

Make your mark on the future of your industry

From digitization to Human-Disruption in the workplace, industries are being rocked by the exponential effects of data powered technologies.

Neural Networks, artificial intelligence, big data, environmental responsiveness, quantum computing, and autonomous computing systems are allowing startups, to solve consumer needs in new ways.

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Last News

Braincities among top10% leading deeptech startups

-@earlymetrics ranked Braincities among their top 10% leading deeptech startups with a score of 78/100
Investors interested by our pre-Series A Bridge are welcome to contact us to learn more about the story.

In October, DATACHAIN FOUNDATION investors event will be held in Paris. We invite the frontrunners of the european startup scene, entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs and large corporation decision makers to join us for a night of invaluable business networking and opportunities.

Topics: #Decentralization, #Tokenization, #Investment, #Crypto investment, #VC, #CVC, #Convertible, #S.A.F.T, #SAFE
The rise of environmental responsiveness

Designing The Future With A.I. For making Mobility-As-A-Service a reality, cars have to become responsive or adaptable environments. [...] It would also correlate heterogeneous parameters [...] to make mobility a smooth and frictionless experience.

Our Partners

We collaborate with world leading tech companies interested in building a sustainable society powered by Artificial Intelligence and data. They enable us to provide high performance, secured infrastructures and premium technical support.


Till now AI algorithms and data, both have been isolated in different work frames. For the first time, leveraging the use of distributed ledger technologies, AI will be able to Integrate with data seamlessly, accelerating the expanding adoption of artificial inteligence.


| - Madrid

Nobody is tracking ambition today. This team is working on interesting topics. With gap analysis BRAINCITIES is recording ambition. Companies should adopt this tool to develop their people.

- Jan-Maarten (JM) Mulder

| Summer Capital - Amsterdam

Braincities works to ensure that private data misuse as the recent Facebook incident can never happen again. Braincities gives you back the power over your data to use as you seem fit. Be the owner of your data, support datachain and Braincities.

- Andreas von Hirschhausen

| Fincite - Frankfurt