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Among our clients, there are many world-renowned industry leaders, large public organisations, and cities. We help them to transform and elaborate sustainable answers to challenges like digitization and human disruption in the workplace.

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Our passion and the mission driving our team's everyday sets us apart from the competition. We use A.I and data science to build a sustainable society.

Providing bias-free A.I based products and quality customer relation is part of our answer.

Result Oriented

We are problem solvers. We use creativity and science to solve business problems. We value transparency. Therefore, w e adopted the plug play mode to avoid additional costs to customers internal IT department.


As a five year old company supported by first class university lab like Pantheon-Sorbonne Paris 1er, we have a proven track record for conducting academic and business complex applied research projects and apply results with specific attention to ethic, biases and quality. Most of new clients come from existing client and partners referrals.

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We are constantly looking for new projects and use cases to improve the performance of our platform.
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Till now AI algorithms and data, both have been isolated in different work frames. For the first time, leveraging the use of distributed ledger technologies, AI will be able to Integrate with data seamlessly, accelerating the expanding adoption of artificial inteligence.


| cryptoinvest.es - Madrid

DATACHAIN is backbone for decentralized AI development! It is build open and participatory future of AI in contrast of big corporations like Google, Amazon or IBM.

- Sandris MURINS


Braincities works to ensure that private data misuse as the recent Facebook incident can never happen again. Braincities gives you back the power over your data to use as you seem fit. Be the owner of your data, support datachain and Braincities.

- Andreas von Hirschhausen

| Fincite - Frankfurt