AI Ascending

« In the nature, Self Conscious Autonomous Systems are nothing like data preprocessing powered artificial intelligence. They are not systems. They are responsive ecosystems, interoperable systems of systems.” Kazé A. ONGUENE

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"AI State of Art Study"

A recent study published by Asgard Capital [See ​​], shows the global distribution of startups by country. EEUU leads the list with over 1390 startups (and counting), not surprisingly followed by China with 380 and other countries like Israel, UK and Canada (see Fig 1) [ref]. This positions France in a poor 7th place just in between Japan and Germany... ...

"S.A.A.M. Smart Artificial Asset Manager"

We are building a model-independent AI system that performs estimations of market performance. With the objective to determine the best investment strategy to follow, given the future state of the market.