2018 - 2019

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Smart consensus
Curated AI and Data library
10 Federation Operators
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10 large corporations
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2013 - 2025

Technical assessment Platform

We started with a powerful technical assessment Platform build to help BRAINCITIES’ founder IT consulting company find the talent corresponding to its client’s needs. The project interested UBI France, that invited BRAINCITIES to participate to the French Tech Tour China 2013. To improve the reliability of the assessment platform results and give more context to recruiters, we decided to assess other dimensions of the applicant profiles like emotion, personality, behaviours.

Open-source technologies shift

Alpha version release of BRAINCITIES recruitment platform.
Use of DRUPAL as a framework to develop then integrate the psychometric measurement services within the platform. Focus on the computation of MBTI and Big 5 tests.

€256K initial funding from EMERGENCE GROUP and COFACE.

MateorJS - Data mining - Intention Mining

For the first time, since the program's inception, Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University has established a doctoral consulting agreement, allowing a PhDs to collaborate with a private company. BRAINCITIES worked with an expert in Data Mining and Intention Mining to study and design the principles and algorithms, forming the foundation of the current version of the artificial intelligence of the platform. The work done by the PhD was highly useful for collecting data and creating the first knowledge bases.

In vivo Experimentation - First use-case

27 May 2016, we organised a public in vivo experimentation followed by a conference involving over 180 people at Pantheon-Sorbonne Amphitheater IIA. Main idea was to expose the result of months of research and development to HR manager and top level executives trying to mind the future of people management and learn how to build a stronger team. The result of the morning experiment defined the fundamentals of most of the HR use-cases of our technology. In September 2016 we joined viadeo.com incubator and had the opportunity to design a path prediction algorithm using a neural net and 165 000 IT profiles.


First contract with: EXPERIS IT, LEROY MERLIN, ON-X, Zik Medias
Participation to VIVATECH 2017 - Top 10 startup, with a special mention of the french President M. Emmanuel MACRON
Participation to WEB SUMMIT 2017 - Top 100

Integration of SAP Startup Focus Global Acceleration program
Integration of HPE Global Acceleration program


Contract with: Porsche, Montreuil City, Care Away, Global Ads
Participation to VIVATECH 2018 - Top 10 startup, with a special mention of the french President M. Emmanuel MACRON
Participation to WEB SUMMIT 2018 - Top 50

Integration of Wavestone Acceleration program
Integration of Startup Autobahn Acceleration program
Integration of Paris & Co Acceleration program
Integration of Iconiq Lab Acceleration program
Integration of ABRA the SME DUBAI Acceleration program

Release of our Cognitive Operating System

Distributed Cognitive Operating System for the rise of a multipurpose Artificial Intelligence

By 2025 our technology will endow all computerized equipment with judging and empathy capabilities drastically improving the machine’s ability to deliver accurate and contextualized services and recommendations to humans. The distributed digital brain will be made of millions or billions of computation units simultaneously gathering data, experience (patterns), and knowledge through a global decentralised and distributed network.

Computation units are the deployed Datawallets, Datachain is the global decentralised and distributed network.

The different smart layers we are developing today are as much skills that will endow the Cognitive Operating System to provide outcome as a service. It is a new paradigm where the described computerised system would behave like a human supportive system able to use third parties technologies like first user.

“A distributed computational networks powering the execution of intelligent applications using diversified dynamic knowledge base.”

How to get there?