Generating reliable knowledge-base to feed A.I with bias-free pre-structured data.

Identifying and analysing emerging trends to enable businesses and third parties technologies develop competitive advantages with accurate and context-aware recommendations.

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Technology Stack

Since the beginning we focused on building a high performance and scalable solution providing AI as a Service and enabling third parties application to enhance their own capabilities. Our current technology stack include commercial third-party products, as well as BRAINCITIES LAB proprietary technologies and software assets.

Extracting Data Value

We are ultimately developing a Cognitive Operating System for the foreseeable data-driven and AI-powered era.

The current version of our solution is a heterogeneous data refinery powered by a data preprocessing engine enabling the prediction of time series with over 95% accuracy.

The Data refinery dynamically generates specialised knowledge-bases enabling us to provide AI based solutions to industries like HR, Finance, Smart Cities, Healthcare, and the Automotive...


“We use real-time data refinery capabilities and calculation accuracy to solve businesses challenges.”

Technology Main Pillars

We are building a system and method for autonomously identify pattern within heterogeneous data source and build interoperability bridges relying it with contexts extracted from dynamical ontology and semantic modeling systems. This enables:

Patterns Identification
Patterns Aggregation
Patterns Analysis
Patterns Matching

Predictions using time-series
Recommendations using steady-states

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Data Analytics Infrastructure

Data Security & Data Reliability On Demand

By 2025 our Data Analytics Infrastructure as a Service will distribute the first multi-purpose artificial intelligence.
A Cognitive Operating System powered by a data refinery specialized in knowledge-base generation and behavioral analysis.

Data Refinery

BRAINCITIES Data Refinery enable real-time behaviors analysis and intention mining. It use neural networks powering multidimensional algorithms to build dynamical knowledge-bases and mind time-series. The technology is agnostic of business vertical and industry. Making analytics, data structures and functionality are configurable and portable.

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