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We combine the experience, knowledge, and human touch of clinicians with the power of intelligent computing to achieve more and develop new services. We are focused on:

- Intelligent Diagnosis
What’s wrong with the patient and what type of evolving treatment plan would be most effective?

- Advanced Data Analytics
What can we learn from our data, and how can we predict futures states and act on that knowledge?

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Heart Disease Prediction SPSS


Our voice in A.I industry is unique, same goes with our approach of Automotive. to better understand our vision of the future of automotive do not hesitate to read : “Dynamic environmental Behavior analysis for human-smart-car interaction in the physical world” a framework for autonomous car generalization.
We can also help you tackle this challenges:

- Identifying dangerous driving behaviors.
- Monitoring driver's condition
- Collaborative optimization of traffic jam by car to car to cloud AI communication.
- Car to infrastructure communication
- Car to smart-environment communication

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Smart Cities

We are adding a smart layer on top of cities intangible social network to help cities and businesses develop harmonious communities.
We can also help you tackle this challenges:

- Applying BRAINCITIES predictive and behavior analysis technologies in the context of social and economic development.

- Adding a smart layer on top of cities’ intangible social network to develop harmonious communities.

- Using our data analytics infrastructure as a service to allow every inhabitant to have full control over their personal data through their DATAWALLET.

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Human Capital

Maximising Human Capital With A.I
We use our predictive algorithm to mine your people career paths and bring them at the next level. Whatever your industry the Career Roadmap can measure your people readiness for their next position. Our solution will guide you to the ressources you need to nurture, train and match your people to the right project and team. #Career and life balance improved by data analytics.

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Building the backbone of a fully digitized city
- Using BRAINCITIES’ data analytics infrastructure as a service to build local peer-to-peer exchange of data.

- Creating a citizen cloud to store inhabitants evolving digital avatars in the form of individualised knowledge bases.

- Creating a secured personal universal Datawallet containing said evolving individualized knowledge bases.

- Creating bridges between the inhabitants’ personal universal Datawallets, administrations and businesses currently siloed Databases.

- Creating an incremental library of crowd curated AI.

Our technology paves the road for the rise of Administration as a Service, enabling fast and reliable data securing and structuration to directly implement the Government and administration of the future. It will unleash invaluable opportunities by building the backbone of a fully digitized city and predict emerging trends for:

- Governments

- Businesses

- Health institutions

- Citizens’ quality of life

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Once parameterized with sample historical transactions data and executed processes to serve customers, our data analytics platform can automatically predict:

- Potential fraud on transactions

- Potential impact of process evolution on customer delivery costs & speed

- High an low of financial markets

- Fuel digital and human asset manager with reliable recommendations

For instance a lot of new services and new products could be of great value to the customers during their life time. Our Data analytics platform can automatically profile customers, predict the evolution of their needs over time, so that specific target offerings can be made to each segment enabling:

- The Increases of revenue generated by upsell and crossell, while reducing marketing and sales costs to target the right future customers

- The improvement of customers satisfaction by delivering a focused dedicated services (while avoiding over-communication)

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Strategic Personal Planning & Employee development

Challenge: making personal planning more transparent.

End goal : Move from a simulation engine of what teams may become to a team building automated solution by 2025.

Building a custom career planning tool adapted for personal planning & employee development. Helping people working on the production line evolve, and grab new opportunities within the company.

+ People data provided by the central HR department

+ Impact expected within 5 years

Customer: Porsche

More Use Cases

Date Company Industry City Project type Status
June 2018 Porsche Automotive Stuttgart (GE) P.O.C MVP
July 2018 Bita Data Finance Franckfurt (GE) Full Project In development
July 2018 Montreuil City Smart Cities Paris Area (FR) Pilot In Progress
Mai 2018 CAREAWAY Healthcare Delaware (USA) Full Project Project Documentation
Mai 2018 Global Ads Marketing Kiev (UK) Full Project Project Specification

The Possibilities Are Endless

With over 25 A.I based API powering business services, by 2020 decision-makers of all industries will be able to grow their business exponentially.

Resilient + Powerful Servers

All our products are located on high performance servers that are also reliable and available 24/7 for your convenience.

Data Privacy Protection

We use decentralised data infrastructure and advanced encryption technologies to protect people and companies data so you can be sure it is in good hands.

Easy To Customize

We create our data infrastructure with the end user in mind, and that’s why we made it simple to use Ai algorithms developed according to your needs.

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