“Augmenting decision-makers’ capabilities with a Human-Supportive A.I taking the form of a distributed Cognitive Operating System.”

BRAINCITIES LAB bridges the gap between humans and their ever-changing environments by making ecosystems such as cities, cars and businesses responsive. We are augmenting decision-makers’ capabilities with a Human-Supportive A.I taking the form of a distributed Cognitive Operating System.

Founded in 2013, BRAINCITIES LAB is a French Startup based in Paris, specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The company creates dynamically evolving knowledge bases to train, then fuel predictive models and measure the readiness of evolving processes. This architecture enables the mining of meaningful stories from heterogeneous data sources.

Decision-makers need A.I that Understands Human Behaviors to enable frictionless interactions between environments, technology and people. Inspired by this foreseeable reality, Braincities builds and provides the first human-supportive Artificial Intelligence endowed with judging and empathy capabilities.

This unique technology helps decision-makers solve structural problems like:
• The human inability to quickly identify trends and patterns
• The lack of business self-serviceability
• Managers needs to make informed decisions when and where it matters
• The increasing volume of unreliable data flooding in the Global Datasphere (163 Zb by 2025)

BRAINCITIES LAB combines a proprietary semantic data refinery with a deployable decentralized infrastructure as a service. The said Data Analytics Infrastructure and related universal personal Datawallets comply with European GDPR regulations and offer a universal solution for data protection and data privacy.

The associated services and protocols secure the data used by our A.I algorithms to provide accurate and reliable recommendations to individuals, businesses, governments and even, smart-devices like autonomous cars.

The described Data Analytics Infrastructure is interconnecting a scalable network of autonomous computation units (the Datawallets), that ultimately will enable us to release the first Distributed Cognitive Operating System. By 2025 our technology will endow all computerized equipment with judging and empathy capabilities drastically improving the machine’s ability to deliver accurate and contextualized services and recommendations to humans.

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