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Since 2017 BRAINCIITES LAB and MANPOWER Innovation lab are exploring one major topic: the future of work.

Our ways of working are changing. Aside from the impact of technologies such as automation and AI, our cultural relationship to work is also undergoing significant change. From the blurring of lines between work and life, the sort of spaces we feel most productive, and the time we dedicate to earning a living – every element of work is now in flux. The Future of Work track will explore the things we can do as employers and the things we can expect in employees as more and more of these changes take hold.

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ManpowerGroup Lab

At the end of 2015, ManpowerGroup launched its ""Eclaireur Office"" Innovation Unit. Eclaireur Office is the open innovator of ManpowerGroup to support our transformations and our corporate clients. To this end, Eclaireur Office pursues three complementary objectives:

• 1-Scan the disruption: be constantly listening to innovations and new solutions that evolve HRM
2-Creation of a cluster of partner startups, an ecosystem of passionate entrepreneurs innovating on each point of the HR value chain: Recruitment, HR Marketing, Skill development and new learning methods, performance management
• 3- Integration of these Open-RH solutions with the offers we offer to our customers